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Legacy Software Maintenance and Support

Legacy Software Maintenance and Support

Our legacy software maintenance and support services give your outdated systems a new lease of life. Experience seamless functionality and improved performance of business applications with us.

Optimize. Reinforce. Sustain.

Our maintenance and support services enhance your legacy system’s quality, improve efficiency, and extend your software suites’ operational life. We align your outdated legacy software and applications to meet the current business requirements. Our services include adaptive maintenance, corrective maintenance, security updates, patch management, and more.

Key Features

Enhancing the functionality, efficiency, and user experience of legacy software

Protecting legacy systems from vulnerabilities and ensuring data security

Keeping the legacy systems compatible with the latest hardware and software environments

Ensuring seamless integrations of legacy software with new applications

Identifying and eliminating errors, bugs, and glitches, ensuring reliable software operation

Optimizing the existing codebase, and improving its structure

Core Benefits

Future Proof Systems

Prolong the life of your software infrastructure thereby enhancing their worth over time


Sustain and uphold your existing systems in a cost-efficient manner

Secure Systems

Secure legacy systems and defend them from cybersecurity risks

Reduce Downtime

Safeguard the dependability of your legacy software, reducing operational interruptions

Our Approach

Legacy Software Analysis and Maintenance Objectives

We conduct a thorough analysis of existing legacy software, identifying improvement areas and defining clear maintenance objectives in collaboration with your team.

Adaptive and Corrective Maintenance

We ensure your legacy system can adapt to evolving business needs and technology while promptly addressing and rectifying issues to enhance stability and functionality.

Security and Functional Enhancements

We provide regular security updates, effective patch management, and collaborate to implement functional enhancements that add value and align with modern industry standards.

Documentation, Knowledge Transfer, and Support

We maintain comprehensive documentation, facilitate knowledge transfer, and offer around-the-clock support to ensure smooth ongoing support and future developments of your legacy software.

Continuous Improvement and Client Collaboration

We continuously assess and improve maintenance strategies, keeping your legacy software up-to-date, secure, and aligned with evolving business needs. We value collaboration with clients, seeking feedback to tailor maintenance and support services accordingly.

Learn how Winsoft helped one of India’s largest Banks by taking over maintenance of its legacy system and modernized it.

How We Can Help?

  • Enhancing performance of your legacy systems
  • Keeping legacy software updated
  • Modernizing existing legacy systems using DevOps and latest OpenSource, .Net, or Java Stack
  • Eliminating patch/security vulnerabilities
  • Helping you in migrating to or integrating with new platforms like AWS or GCP

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials